How to Schedule an Alert

This article describes how to schedule an alert.

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Please note, this video does not contain instructions for editing a scheduled alert. Skip to this section of the article to see instructions for editing a scheduled alert.

You can schedule an alert to send at a future time.

Step 1: Create an Alert

  1. From the Navigation Menu, select Send Alert.
    Schedule Alert_Navigation Menu
  2. Fill out the other fields that will be necessary for your alert.

Scheduling the Alert

  1. Scroll down to the Schedule section.
  2. Select the box next to "Schedule this alert in the future?"
    Knowledge Base_Scheduled Alerts_Gif 1
  3. Designate a day and specific time to send your alert from the Schedule section.
    1. Schedule Date- The day your alert will be sent. To set a value, click the calendar icon and select the correct month, day, and year. 
    2. Hour and Minute- These fields determine the exact time your alert will be sent. 
  4. If the alert will be sent on a regular basis, select how often you would like the alert to recur from the Recurring drop-down list.
  5. Once you've selected a period from the Recurring dropdown menu, set an End Date for your alert as well.
    Knowledge Base_Scheduled Alerts_Gif 2
  6. Click Schedule at the bottom of the Preview section to schedule your alert.
    Schedule Alert_Schedule Button
  7. From the pop-up that appears confirm that you want to schedule your alert by clicking Confirm.
  8. You will be taken to a screen where you'll see the details for your scheduled alert.

View, Edit, or Unschedule Previously Scheduled Alerts

  1. Select Scheduled Alerts from the navigation menu.
    Knowledge Base_Scheduled Alerts_Navigation
  2. From the Scheduled Alerts page, you will see a list of scheduled alerts. 
  3. To edit an alert, click the alert's Schedule Date.
    1. Select Edit Alert from the Schedule section.
    2. Make your edits, and select Schedule.
      Knowledge Base_Scheduled Alerts_Gif 3
  4. To unschedule an alert, select the Unschedule button and confirm that you want to unschedule the alert.
    Knowledge Base_Scheduled Alerts_Unschedule