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How to use the AlertSense/Konexus Sandbox

A sandbox, or test, environment has been created for AlertSense/Konexus clients to try out new features before taking their agency live to use the new, updated web interface.

There are a few rules we want you to be aware of:

  • A separate username/password will be provided to you for access to the sandbox area.  The format of this login will be your current email +sandbox@agencyname
    • If you choose to create additional logins for testing to this area, you'll need to login as your assigned user to create them
    • Follow the same naming format for additional logins so that it won't be confused with their current AlertSense/Konexus login
    • Onboarding is the same process to create credentials (https://support.konexus.com/manage-admins)
  • All of the functionality of the new web interface is available to test
  • Navigate to https://apps.alertsense.com
  • The sandbox environment does not have any of your agency personal data in it
    • You may add information, such as contacts, etc.
    • You MUST remove all of your own data when done using the sandbox
  • The sandbox is used by multiple clients, possibly at the same time, so be respectful to work in your own created groups/users/admins
  • DO NOT send an actual public alert. You can test the functionality of what is received by deselecting all checkboxes at the top of the page, but only select yourself and/or others individually.
  • Sandbox access will be available for one week.  If more time is needed, please email support@alertsense.com for longer access prior to the expiration