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Manage Public and Internal Contacts

This article describes how to add contacts and edit contact information in Konexus (known in the government sector as AlertSense).

Internal Members

An Internal Member is an individual who can receive alerts within your organization. Their only role is to receive and respond to alerts sent through Konexus.

These members won’t be able to initiate an alert. A separate entry will need to be made for any Internal Member who will also be an Administrator. That entry is made under Administrator Passwords.

An organization can manage unlimited Internal Members. Member information includes critical contact paths such as email, text and voice devices, priority of devices, and group membership.

Accessing the Internal Members Page

  1. To access the Internal Members maintenance page, select Manage Contacts from the drawer menu.

Manage Internal and Public Contacts_Screenshot 1

Adding a Contact

  1. Click the Add Member tab.Manage Internal and Public Contacts_Screenshot 2-2
  2. Complete the form with or without the optional fields. Required fields are marked by an asterisk.
  3. Choose a User type. This will automatically default to Internal if one is not chosen. 
    Screen Shot 2021-07-15 at 2.38.01 PM
  4. Choose the User's preferred Written Language and Spoken Language.
    Manage Internal and Public Contacts_Screenshot 3
  5. Include the following for best delivery results: 
    1. Email
    2. Mobile Phone
    3. Secondary Cell/Pager
    4. Home Phone
    5. Business Phone
      Manage Internal and Public Contacts_Screenshot 4-1
      Manage Internal and Public Contacts_Screenshot 5
  6. You do not need to know who the provider is for the cell phones that you enter. Simply click the Find Provider link next to the Phone fields to have us find the provider for you. If the provider is not populated, select the proper provider using the dropdown menu.
    Manage Internal and Public Contacts_Screenshot 6

  7. Assign the New Member to the groups that they should be associated with for alerts and notifications by single clicking the group on the left, under Available Groups. This will add them to the group. All groups on the right, under Selected Groups, are assigned to the New Member.
    1. To remove a contact from a group, single click on that group under Selected 
      Groups to move that group back to Available Groups.
  8. Click Submit to save the New Member to the system.
     Manage Internal and Public Contacts_Screenshot 7

Please note, if a user texts the correct short code a keyword associated with a group, their phone number will be added to the system. If their phone number was not already in the system, they will be added as a contact with Text-To-Join listed as their last name and their phone number listed as their first name. 


Editing Contacts


Modifying an Internal Member

  1. Navigate to Manage Contacts from the Dashboard and use the search fields to locate the individual by searching for their name, email address, cell phone, or agency.
  2. Click Enter on your keyboard or FIND on the right-hand side of your screen.Manage Internal and Public Contacts_Screenshot 8
  3. Once you have located the Internal Member, you can modify any information as needed.
    1. You can edit a member's status to indicate that they are available, unavailable, or on vacation.
      Screen Shot 2021-07-20 at 11.05.11 AM
    2. At the bottom of the screen, you can also see all the alerts that Member has received and click each alert for more details.
      Manage Internal and Public Contacts_Screenshot 9Once you have located the Internal Member, you can modify any information as needed.
    3. Email Opt-ins
      1. Emails sent through the system will contain an unsubscribe link. Clicking the link prevents emails from being sent until the unsubscribed email is resubscribed.
        1. Users who have unsubscribed from public alerts will not receive emails. Likewise, emails will not be sent to users who have not opted in to receive them.
      2. Administrators can see whether an Internal/Public User has opted out of receiving emails by unsubscribing.

        Screen Shot 2021-07-20 at 11.07.48 AM

    Deleting an Internal Member

    Caution: Once members are deleted, you will not be able to select them to receive alerts. The Alert History will show a grayed out name for that individual for any alerts they received in the past to maintain the data's integrity.

    1. Locate the member using search tools.
    2. Click the Knowledge Base_Admin Contacts_Delete Link link on the right-hand side. A pop-up will ask you to confirm that you want to delete the member.

    Export or Upload Member Lists

    1. You can export Group and Internal Member lists by using the Member List Download.
    2. You can upload lists that you create using the Member List Upload link. There are details and a sample file you can refer to if you wish to maintain lists using this feature.

    Warning: If contacts and admins are managed through one of our automated or FTP upload processes, the Member List Upload feature should not be utilized.

    Member List Upload

    Multiple contacts can be created/updated at once using the Member List Upload tool. Contacts must be in a properly formatted spreadsheet (.csv, .xls, .xlsx, and .txt file types are supported). Likewise, new or existing contacts can be added to groups in bulk from here as well. 

    A sample spreadsheet is available for download from the Member List Upload page. Refer to the screenshot in step 3 below to see where the download link is located.

    Importing Contacts:

    1. From the Manage Contacts page, click the Member List Upload button click member list upload-1
    2. From the Member List Upload page read the instructions at the top of the page for more informationinstructions
    3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and import your file. A sample file is available for download. Optionally, you can select a group when importing your file. Selecting a group will add any new or existing contacts in the file to the selected group(s). select group and sumbit
      1. If you are uploading a file with existing contacts, ensure that you have their correct contact information in the file to avoid creating duplicate users. Existing users are found/matched based on email or phone numbers.
      2. If you only wish to add contacts to a group and do not want to update existing contact data, make sure the Update member attributes checkbox is left unchecked. If the checkbox is checked, existing contact data will be overwritten by the information in the file. New contacts will still be created whether the box is checked or not.
    4. Click Submit when you are ready to import your file. Then, review the information on the preview page to verify the appropriate contacts will be created, updated. preview
      1. Verify that you see the correct number of records uploaded.
      2. Verify the list of new members to be created to make sure that you are not creating duplicated. 
      3. Existing members listed will be updated based on the information in the file if the Update member attributes checkbox in step 3 is checked.
      4. If a group was selected during step 3, all new and existing contacts will be added to the selected group(s).
    5. Review the resultsresults
    6. If you selected any groups during the upload process, you can verify contacts were added to the selected group(s) by navigating to Manage Groups and selecting the target group to see the group's members. verify

    Groups must first be created prior to using the Member List Upload tool if you wish to import contacts to a group. If you need assistance creating groups, you can learn more on the Managing Groups page.