Setting Up Automated Imports

Are you looking to automate user management? We can help with that. We support automated file imports for users, facilities (sites and locations), and group information.


Konexus supports automated user/data management through SFTP (secure file transfer protocol). Using this method, we can easily allow you to transfer files from an HRIS platform or other user storage system. 

How It Works

We will work with you and your IT team to set up a connection between where your user information is stored and our SFTP server. Once this connection is established, we can identify the interval at which you would like the user data in the Konexus system to be updated. 

What Is Needed?

  1. A public SSH key for authentication
  2. The IP Address(es) that will be used to connect to our servers
    1. This will allow us to authorize and secure the connection to protect your data.

How Can I Secure My Files?

Konexus supports PGP encryption for files that are transferred via SFTP.