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FEMA Resources

FEMA has put together a great resource site for questions regarding messaging and implementation.

This link will open in a new tab outside our Knowledge Base to FEMA's website.

FEMA Case Study Library

IPAWS Program Planning Toolkit for Alerting Authorities

IPAWS Tips - Every month the IPAWS Program Office will distribute a "tip" to emergency managers and software vendors. The tips will cover a wide range of topics, including best practices, recommendations, and current issues. After distribution, they are posted here

Planning Guides

Online IPAWS Training - online classes for alerting authorities including required is247

Want to Test WEA?- what you need to know

IPAWS Alerting Best Practices - PDF Download

FEMA IPAWS Best Practices and Event Code Definitions

The Warn Room - Ideas for message creation and standardizing alerts.  This is a great resource for alerting agencies to compose and save templates.

Event Code Descriptions for use with IPAWS - These event codes are used for EAS, WEA and NWEM messages.

Learn to Write Effective WEA Messages - this is a self-paced training from Bent Ear Solutions