How to Create Multiple Brands in Konexus

This article describes how to use Konexus' Branding feature to customize your Alerts and Polls with multiple brand options.

Please note that Konexus' Branding feature differs from Konexus Custom Branding. Custom Branding impacts the web UI's appearance. Branding impacts Alert and Poll layouts, and multiple brand options can exist.

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Create a Brand

  • Select Branding from the drawer menu.
  • Click the blue plus button 2021-10-21 (1).
  • Complete relevant fields for your brand.
    • Brand Name: The name that will appear for the new brand in the web UI.
    • Brand Description: A brief description of the brand. 
    • Default Brand Checkbox: Select this checkbox to set the current brand as the default for Alerts and Polls.
    • Logo Image: The logo that will be associated with your new brand.
    • Primary Color: The color that will be associated with your new brand.
    • Caller ID: In this field, you can modify the caller ID associated with a voice message from this brand.
    • Email Settings
      • Default Alert Subject: The text that will appear in the email's subject line.
      • Display Name: The sender name that will appear on the email from this brand.
      • Reply-To Email Address: The reply-to address that will appear in any emails from the brand.
      • Email Footer: The footer for any emails from the brand.
  • After completing relevant fields, click Create Screenshot (39).

How to Select a Specific Brand for an Alert or Poll

  • Select Send Alert or Send Poll from the drawer menu.
  • Select a brand for your Alert or Poll from the Alert Sender Information card's Brand drop-down menu.

Please note, if you don't select a specific Brand from the Alert Sender Information card, the default brand will automatically be selected. The selected brand's Default Alert Subject, Display Name, Reply-To Email address, Logo, Primary Color, Caller ID, and Email Footer will all be included with the Alert or Poll you send.

  • Select Send 2021-08-19 (9) to send your branded message.

How to Associate a Brand with a Template

  • Select Alerting/Poll Templates from the drawer menu.
  • To associate a brand with a pre-existing template, select the template name.
  • To create a new template, click the blue plus button 2021-10-21 (1) in the upper-right corner.
  • To associate a template with a brand, select a brand from the Brand drop-down menu on the Alert Sender Information card. Alternatively, you can select the Use Default Brand checkbox to associate the default brand with the template.
  • Once you have filled out the remaining template fields, click Save 2021-08-24 (5)-1(for a new template) or Update Screenshot (40)(for an existing template).

Deleting a Brand

If a brand is associated with a template, you won't be able to delete that brand until the brand is no longer associated with the template.

  • To delete a brand, select the Delete Konexus_Delete Buttonicon next to the brand's name.