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How to Decipher the Critical Event Management (CEM) Events Dashboard

The Events Dashboard provides an overview of critical events occurring within your organization. This article will help you decipher data displayed on this dashboard.

The Events Dashboard contains five cards:

  • Active Incidents by Severity
  • Top Active Categories
  • Active Incidents by Priority
  • Most Recent Top Severity
  • Most Recent Incident Events

This article will provide a quick overview of the data contained within each card.

Active Incidents by Severity

This card sorts active incidents according to the color-coded severity level that the incident has been assigned.

Top Active Categories

This card displays the top active categories for current critical events. Active categories are displayed in descending order by the amount of events that fall under each category.

Active Incidents by Priority

This card lists active events with a specific priority level. Priority levels are displayed in descending order based on the amount of events under each level.

Most Recent Top Severity

This card lists the most recently launched incidents with the highest severity levels (in descending order) with their category, priority, and creation date.

Most Recent Incident Events

This card contains the most recent incidents, listed in descending order according to creation date.

How to View Incident Details

View Incident Details for Active Incidents by Severity, Top Active Categories, and Active Incidents by Priority

  1. Select the hyperlinked number listed next to the category you wish to examine.
  2. You will be taken to a card that lists specific incidents with the severity, category, or priority that you selected.
    2021-08-18 (2)

2021-08-18 (4)

View Incident Details for Most Recent Top Severity and Most Recent Incident Events

  1. Select the hyperlinked incident name.
  2. You will be taken to the Event card.
    2021-08-18 (8)

2021-08-18 (9)