How to Manage Files

In this article, you'll learn how to manage files in Konexus' web UI.

  1. Navigate to Manage Files in the web UI.
    Manage Files_Navigation Menu

How to Upload a File

Files you have uploaded to the Alert Form, including voice recordings you record from the Alert Form, will be automatically stored under Manage Files. The following instructions explain how to manually upload a file.

  1. Select Choose File and select a file to add a file you want uploaded to the system. Manage Files_Choose File
  2. After selecting a file, click Submit Manage Files_Submit Button to add your file to the files stored within the system.
    Manage Files_New File Submission

Deleting a File

  1. To delete a file, select the checkmark next to the file's name and click Delete Selected.
    Manage Files_Delete a File
  2. Confirm that you wish to delete the selected file from the pop-up that appears.