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Images and Sizes for Logos

There are different places in the system where an agency might want to have a custom logo. This article is to answer the question regarding sizing and which sections can be customized.

  • The signup page banner can be just an image and is in most cases.
  • The email template banner can also be just an image, but there can be complications with doing that as Outlook will render the image differently than other email clients depending on the size of the image.
  • The app toolbar banner cannot be just an image. The logo will be shown where the Konexus or AlertSense image currently is on the dashboard.  To change this image, you will use Options-Settings.
    • For logos that are taller than they are long, the height of the toolbar itself is about 64px, but the logo is scaled to fit. For logos that are longer than they are tall, 100 - 124px wide is recommended.