Manage Custom Pronunciation

This article covers how to create custom pronunciation rules for text-to-speech voice calls.


As part of text-to-speech best practices, if there are common words that might be mispronounced in your area, make sure to add those words to the Pronunciation Table. This way, when a word is typed correctly, text to speech will convert it and say it correctly.

Acronyms, URL's, Codes, Letters, Numbers, and Times can also be added.

Creating a Custom Pronunciation

  1. To add a word, click on Manage Custom Pronunciation under Settings.
  2. Click Create New Phonetic Spelling Record. 
  3. Type the acronym, word, etc.
  4. Type the phonetic spelling, or the words you would want it to say.
  5. Press Submit.

If you want to make sure the word sounds correct for text to speech, use the Preview Message function to send yourself a phone call, using our telephony, to make sure it sounds right.

  • If it does not quite sound correct, you can always click on the word/item you want to edit and change the phonetics and try again.