Custom Alert Forms

This article covers how to create and modify custom alert and poll forms.

Create a New Custom Alert Form

  1. From the left-hand navigation, select Custom Alert Forms under Settings.
  2. Click the Blue Plus button in the top right corner of the card.
  3. Enter a Form name and description.
  4. Select the form type: Alert or Poll.
  5. Adjust the default fields or add a new field. 

    1. Fields can be reordered by clicking and dragging the field cell.
    2. Field permissions
      1. Required: this will require that users enter a value for this field anytime they send an internal alert or poll.
    3. Field Definitions
      1. Shared Fields - Available for both alert and poll forms.
        1. Incident: allows for users to associate an incident type to an internal alert or poll.
        2. Severity Assessment: allows users to complete the severity assessment. This is a simple yes or no questionnaire to provide alert recipients with further information.
        3. Priority
        4. Template: allows users to select from a list of alerting or poll templates.
        5. Recipients: allows users to assign recipients to an alert and is always required.
        6. Subject: adds the subject field to the alert form and is always required.
        7. Location: allows users to attach their current location or a custom location to the alert.
        8. Facilities: allows users to associate the impacted facility to and alert or poll.
          • This is a permission-based field that is not available to all customers.
        9. Channel Selection: allows users to adjust the channels that the alert or poll will be delivered through.
        10. Geospatial Recipient Selection: allows users to send geofenced internal alerts to impacted facilities or traveling internal users have opted into location-based alerts.
          • This field is only available on the WebUI.
        11. Alert Sender Information: allows the sender to adjust to from name and email of an alert or poll.
        12. Attachments: allows users to attach images to an alert or poll.
      2. Alert Form Fields
        1. Message: adds the message field to the alert form and is required for alert forms
      3. Poll Form Fields
        1. Poll Question: adds the poll question field to the poll form and is required for all poll forms.
        2. Poll Response Options: adds the response options field to the poll form and is required for all poll forms.
  6. Click Save to create your new form.

    Editing an alert form

    1. Select the desired form from the list.
    2. Edit the desired form values.
    3. Click Save to save your changes.