Send Poll

This article provides instructions for creating and sending a poll in Konexus' mobile app.

Creating a Poll

  1. From the drawer menu, select Send Poll to start the Poll Creation process.
  2. Similar to creating an alert, users will select an incident, recipients, subject, etc. 
  • If available, polls can also be created from templates.
  • Where polls differ from alerts:
    • Poll Question vs. Message
    • Poll Responses

Entering Question and Responses

  1. To enter the poll question, tap on the Poll Question field to open the question editor.

Note: Questions can be input using the keyboard or dictated using the microphone.

2. To enter response options, tap Enter Response Options.
  1. Polls can have 2 to 5 responses.
  2. To enter a new response, tap Next on the keyboard or tap Knowledge Base_Mobile Polls_Button 1.
  3. To save your responses, tap Save in the top right corner of the screen.
  4. NOTE: Using English full words are highly encouraged, as single letters may result in translation if your tenant uses automatic translation.  An example would be to use Yes instead of Y.  
Sending the Poll
To send the poll, follow the same steps as sending an alert.
  1. Preview form.
  2. Preview recipient view.
  3. Tap send.

    Responding to a Poll

    1. To respond to a poll, open the desired poll from Alerts Received.
    2. Select the option that best fits.
      • Each recipient can only respond once to a poll.

    Review Results

    1. To review results, select the desired poll from Communication Sent.
      • Poll senders can review the total count for each response option.
    2. To view who responded to each option, tap the option to view more details.

    Communicate with Poll Respondents

    1. Using the icons in the bottom toolbar, the poll sender can communicate with the different response groups either through secure chat or by creating an alert.
      Click the green arrow to view communication options.
    2. Click Knowledge Base_Mobile Polls_Button 3to create an alert.
    3. Click Knowledge Base_Mobile Polls_Button 2 to start a secure chat.