Profile Update Reminders

This article explains what Profile Update Reminders are and how to send them out to your users


Profile Update Reminder is used to allow internal members to update their own information without needing to log into the system.  The service sends an email to the internal members selected with a link to their profile.  Internal members can then review and update any information.

For advanced users, we can limit the field shown for updates. For instance, if you don’t want members to change their email address.

How to Send Out a Profile Update Reminder

  1. Click on Profile Update Reminder under Resources.
  2. Review the Basic Information Form

    1. The From Name, From Email, Subject and Message are all auto-populated.  Any of this information can be changed to your own custom text if desired.

  3. After your text is satisfactory, simply choose the groups and/or individual members you want to send the email to, allowing them to update information.

  4. Once you have sent a Profile Update Reminder, you can view the status of the recipients by clicking Profile Reminder Status.

    1. This page will show you if they clicked the link in the email received and if they updated any information.