Release 23.19.0 - May 18, 2023

Product Updates - May 18, 2023

Improvements and Optimizations

  • Support Administrators can now help clients configure whether we translate an alert author’s message. By default, we will attempt to automatically detect the author’s language for translation. Clients can request that the support team set their translation behavior to assume that all alerts are authored in English. Any clients who experiences unexpected translation behavior when sending alerts in English should contact support to be switched from Detect to English.
  • New SFTP options have been added to the SFTP Upload page to prevent the SFTP import process from deleting, creating, or updating credentials. The default behavior allows credentials to be deleted, created, and updated during SFTP import. By checking the Advanced Settings checkbox and selecting the 'Member Processor Version 2' option from the dropdown, an administrator can choose to change the default behavior. This is how the new settings appear on the SFTP Upload page:                               
  • The expiration date and time of an alert or poll has been added to the Alert Details page in the web application.
  • Resolved an issue that was causing email alert recipients to fail to be displayed under certain conditions when viewing alert details from the legacy web application.