Mobile Release v4.15.0

Mobile App Updates for April 12, 2022

New Features and Functionality

  • Both: the ability to make changes to task lists, or to select or deselect task lists while activating multiple task lists for an incident event, can now be restricted based on permissions.
  • Both: Push notifications associated with an incident event will now include the incident event details.
  • Both: When multiple task list templates are activated for a given incident event, a single push notification is sent.

Improvements and Optimizations

  • Both: In-line instructions were added to the Facilities search to indicate that the search is case-sensitive.
  • Android: Resolved an issue that was causing the Incident Pocket Guide to fail to load when an unsupported language was encountered.
  • iOS: Resolved an issue that sometimes caused contacts selected by user to be filtered out, so they didn't appear in the list of selected contacts.
  • iOS: Resolved an issue where the selected answer to a poll was not indicated.
  • Android: our minimum supported OS version is now 23.