Great ShakeOut: Earthquake Drills

ShakeOut is an annual one-minute earthquake drill across the world. International ShakeOut Day is October 20, 2022.

We know many of our clients will be participating in the Great ShakeOut, and we want you to be prepared. Our goal is for your organization and participants to have the best experience during the drill so that everyone can have confidence knowing what to do in the event of a real earthquake or other disaster.


A Great ShakeOut earthquake drill is an excellent opportunity to review and update emergency plans and supplies.

Konexus wants to ensure the highest delivery success possible during your ShakeOut drill. Below are some Best Practices to keep in mind as you make preparations to participate.


Crisis Communication Best Practices for your local ShakeOut drill:

  • Due to heavy use of Crisis Communication systems for practice on 10/20, avoid sending large emails or large attachments in your ShakeOut drill messages. If you do include an attachment or image, be sure to send it as an attachment and do NOT send it INLINE in your message body.
  • Try not to send your message at the top of the hour or at 10:20 like many organizations will be doing - instead we recommend that you plan your drill at a unique time such as 2:43 or 12:07, etc. This will ensure your message stands out and can help prevent overlaid messages for recipients who are signed up for alerts from multiple municipalities or organizations.
  • If opting to send a ShakeOut message through Voice delivery method, plan to keep your voice message under 50 seconds for the best experience.
  • Be sure that your ShakeOut message states "THIS IS A DRILL."

  • Please let us know if your organization is planning to utilize the Konexus / AlertSense system as part of your upcoming local ShakeOut drill so that we can prepare to facilitate the best experience.


For more information visit the very robust and informative website below:

Frequently Asked Questions


While the Great ShakeOut is not sponsored by or affiliated with Konexus, we are here to support any needs that you may have surrounding the event. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions.