Voice Call Opt-Out

FCC rules require that callers allow end users to opt out of receiving additional telemarketing robocalls immediately during a prerecorded call through an automated menu.

Due to recent changes in regulations from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Konexus is now required to provide end users/recipients with the ability to opt-out of voice calls, following their guidelines.

The new Konexus feature, "Voice Opt-Out", is two-fold. First, an emphasis has been placed on immediately identifying the agency making the call so the recipient is made promptly aware of who is contacting them. Secondly, we now provide a mechanism for end users to opt-out and no longer receive future calls at that phone number.

The actual call flow is very similar regardless of whether you’re sending an alert or poll using Text-To-Speech (TTS), or uploading your own audio. Each of these call types will be prefixed with the opt-out features using text-to-speech. The prefix is transcribed here:

Hello. <AGENCY NAME> is calling with an important message. To opt out of this and future messages, press 9.

Following this prefix, the message will play as normal, allowing the recipient to hear the message, or make a poll selection. At any time during the call, the recipient may press 9 to request their phone number be added to the opt out list. If this occurs, a message informing the recipient of opt-out success will be played and the call will end. The opt-out confirmation is transcribed here:

This number will be added to the opt out list within 24 hours. Goodbye.


Curious what the new Voice Opt-Out sounds like? Here are a few audio samples-

  • Simple alert using Text-To-Speech to deliver the message:
  • Simple alert using a custom audio file to deliver the message:
  • Poll using Text-To-Speech and that presents two different response options: