How to Record an Audio Message from the Send Alert Form

In this article, you'll learn how to add a voice recording to your message directly from the Alert Form.


Caution: The Voice Recording feature is only available for messages that include Voice as a delivery method. For alerts to the public, Voice should only be selected as a delivery method for emergencies. Sending voice messages to the public as non-emergency calls may violate FCC guidance.

For more information on best practices for alerting the public, view this view this article.


  1. After selecting Voice in the Delivery Method section, select Voice under the Message Customization section, then select Record Voice from the Alert Form.

  2. Click Start Recording to begin recording your message.
  3. Tip: If your browser prompts for microphone permission, click Allow so the recording will work.
  4. Click Stop Recording when you're ready to end your recording.
    Knowledge Base_Voice Recording_Stop Recording
  5. Name the recording and click Save to add your recording to the Alert Form, or click Record Again to re-record.
  6. Click Clear to remove the recording from the Alert Form.
    Knowledge Base_Voice Recording_Clear Screenshot
  7. Saved voice recordings can be located under Settings>Manage Files.