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Weather Integration Category Descriptions


The following Weather Severities are supported:

  • Warnings
  • Watches

Weather Catgeories and Phenomena

The following Categories and their associated Phenomena mapping:

  • Air Stagnation/Smog: Air Stagnation (AS)
  • Blizzards: Blizzard (BZ)
  • Coastal: High Surf (SU)
  • Dust Storm: Dust Storm (DS), Blowing Dust (DU)
  • FireWarning: Ashfall (AF), Fire Weather (FW), Dense Smoke (land) (SM), Dense Smoke (marine) (MS)
  • Flood: Coastal Flood (CF), Flood (FA), Flash Flood (FF), Hydrologic (HY), Lakeshore Flood (LS)
  • Fog: Dense Fog (land) (FG), Freezing Fog (ZF)
  • Frost: Frost (FR), Freeze (FZ), Hard Freeze (HZ)
  • HighWinds: Extreme Wind (EW), Gale (GL), Hurricane Force Wind (HF), High Wind (HW), Storm (SR), Wind (WI)
  • Hurricane: Hurricane (HU), Typhoon (TY)
  • SevereThunderstorm: Severe Thunderstorm (SV)
  • SpecialMarine: Low Water (LO), Lake Wind (LW), Marine (MA), Small Craft (SC), Hazardous Seas (SE), Beach Hazard (BH), Dense Fog (marine) (MF), Rip Current Risk (RP)
  • Tornado: Tornado (TO)
  • TropicalStorm: Tropical Storm (TR)
  • Tsunami: Tsunami (TS)
  • WinterStorms: Brisk Wind (BW) Extreme Cold (EC), Ice Storm (IS), Lake Effect Snow (LE), Wind Chill (WC), Winter Storm (WS), Winter Weather (WW), Freezing Rain (ZR)


Weather is not filtered based on significance.