What do the Call Status Indicators Mean?

Every phone call that is delivered through the system is recorded in the alert history.

Each contact is listed in the Alert History for each message sent with the Status delivery, time/date stamp, type and number contacted.  This table explains what each status means.

Call Status shown in History Definition
"Answered - Key Pressed" The recipient answered the phone and pressed a key to repeat or confirm the message.  Call was delivered.
"Answered - No Key Pressed"

"Answered - No Key Press" will often be returned regardless of whether the call was answered by a person or by voice mail (answering machine).

This is due to the high percentage (~25%) of calls that are miscategorized (i.e. call provider can't tell the difference between a human voice and an answering machine voice). Call was delivered.

"Busy" The phone attempt resulted in a busy signal and no call was delivered
"Call Not Completed" or "Failed" or "Number Not In Service" Call could not be completed. This could be due to a bad phone number or the telephony provider did not connect to the phone number.  No call was delivered.
"Invalid Number" Phone number was formatted incorrectly to be delivered.  No call was delivered.
"No Answer" No answering machine or human pickup was detected. No call was delivered.
"Left Voice Mail" Answering machine was detected and a voice mail was left.  Call was delivered.