Email and SMS Text Status Definitions

To more accurately reflect delivery of emails and SMS text, status is shown in the Alert History.

Email Definitions:

Not Sent: Invalid Email - this email was not delivered because the email is invalid

Unsubscribed: Admin Initiated - this user was unsubscribed manually due to notification from the recipient

Unsubscribed: Email Complaint - this email address flagged the delivery of the email generated from the system as Spam so the provider blocked receipt

Unsubscribed: User Initiated - this user unsubscribed themselves using the link in the email they received

Sent: the email was successfully delivered to the recipient's email address - this does not guarantee that the provider completed the delivery


SMS Text Definitions:

Sent - Text has been sent to the recipients cell provider- this is not a confirmation of delivery, only that the message has been sent to the carrier for delivery

Delivered -  This status confirms successful transmission to the recipients device

Failed - The text was not confirmed as delivered to the recipients device.  This could mean that the device was out of service area, turned off, or any other reason why the carrier would not be able to immediately deliver the message.  This could also mean an incorrect phone number, so it is advisable to check with the user to confirm.

Pending - The message is queued to be delivered to the recipient

Unsubscribed - The recipient has unsubscribed from receiving text messages from the short code 38276.