How SMS Message & Voice Minute Totals are Calculated

Wondering how many SMS messages or voice minutes your account has used during a certain period of time?

Currently the Konexus user interface does not have a way to provide you with this specific information, however a total for the last 12 months can be supplied to you upon request. To request this information, simply send an email to with your account's name and whether you would like to have SMS message or voice minute totals, or both.


Please note: both "Alert History" and "Usage Report" in the Konexus interface only display totals for the number of communications sent multiplied by the number of recipients. It does not account for actual SMS segments, which are 160 characters in length, or actual voice minutes in 60 second increments. For example, if you had sent text 1 message that was 182 characters in length, and the paired voice message was 1 minute and 18 seconds long, and you had sent the message to 10 people, the system will show that you sent 10 texts and 10 voice messages. In a way, that is true- you did send 10 of each because it was one of each type of message to 10 total people. However, when it comes down to calculating your actual SMS message and voice minute usage for your annual contract or invoice period, the same message would be counted as 20 SMS and 20 voice minutes, because an SMS segment is 160 characters long, and a voice minute is 60 seconds long.



For additional information, refer to the Knowledge Base article below.

It shares best practices regarding SMS usage, including simple

tips on how to easily reduce your account's SMS usage:

SMS Usage: Best Practices for Admins



If you have questions about how many SMS messages or Voice minutes your account is allotted, or if you need help understanding your invoice or contract, feel free to contact the Client Success team at