How to Create Alert and Poll Templates

In this article, you'll learn how to create templates and automatically populate alerts and polls with them.

Create a Template

Complete the Template Settings Field

  1. Select Alerting/Poll Templates from the navigation pane.
  2. From the Templates section, click the blue plus button 2021-08-04 (2).
  3. From the Template Settings section, you can give your template a name, assign it to a folder, and select your template type (alert or poll).
    1. To give your template a name, type a name in the Template Name field.
    2. Assign your template to a Folder by typing a folder's name or selecting a template's name from the drop-down list in the Folder field.
      1. To place your template within a nested folder (a folder that is sorted beneath another folder), add a back slash / behind the original folder's name.
      Screenshot (78)

  4. Toggle "Modify Template Form" to on to add or remove fields from the template.
    1. Select Add New Field Template Settings Section Screenshot (2)to add a field to the template.
    2. Select the Delete button Konexus_Delete Button next to the field's name if you want to delete a field from the template.
    3. Select and drag the icon Template Settings Section Screenshot (3) next to a section's name to rearrange a template section on the form.

Template Settings Section Screenshot

Complete the Alert Sender Information Section

  1. From the Alert Sender Information section, you can assign a Brand to your template, give your template a specific Sender Display Name, or give your template a specific Reply-To Email Address.

    Screenshot_Templates_Template Settings

To learn more about how to use Message Branding, read this article.

Select Recipients

You have two options for designating recipients within a template: the Recipients card and Map Selection.

Recipients Card

  1. To select recipients from the Recipients Card, select the icon next to Groups Konexus_Knowledge Base_Polls_Add Group Button or Users Konexus_Knowledge Base_Polls_Add User Button.
  2. Select a contact from the drop-down list.
    1. If you don't immediately see a contact in the drop-down list, you can use the search field to search for specific contacts.

Screenshot (64)

Map Selection

  1. From the Recipients: Map Selection section, select Add New Area Select Recipients Screenshot.
  2. Select the Polygon Drawing Tools Icon Map_Templates (2).
    1. Use the Select Layer drop-down menu to select the recipient type (i.e., Internal User, MyAlerts App User, etc.) that you want to include in your selection.
    2. Use the Draw drop-down menu to choose your area's shape.
  3. Name your area, and use your cursor to draw an area on your map.
  4. Open the Areas Panel Map_Templates (3).
  5. Select Submit to submit users to the template as recipients.

    Area Panel

Complete the Message Section

1. Fill out the message's Subject and Body.

Screenshot (70)

2. Select your message's delivery channels under Delivery Method.

Screenshot (72)

If your tenant has default delivery channels, you can toggle "Use Default Delivery Methods" to On to deliver via the default channels.

3. Under Message Customization, customize the message if you want the message to appear different when it's sent via different delivery channels.

Screenshot (74)

Save or Update Your Template

  1. From the Review section, review your template's name and type.
  2. Click Save 2021-08-24 (5)-1to save a new template.
  3. To save edits made to a pre-existing template, click Update Screenshot (40).

Fill Out an Alert Form with a Template

  1. From the navigation menu, navigate to Send Alert or Send Poll.
  2. From the Alert/Poll Templates section, click Select Template Screenshot (76).
  3. Select the template you want to use in your alert.
    Screenshot (77)