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Managing Contacts in a Directory

Learn how to manage your internal and public contacts within your directories.

How to Use the Contact Management Interface

From the Manage Contacts page you can add/edit/remove contacts from the current selected directory. The contact's classification will dictate which directory they belong to (either internal or public).

There are other tools and links available on this page as well. Using the buttons at the top right of the page, you can:

Create and Manage Contacts

1. Either select the contact you would like to update or click the 'Add Member' button at the top of the page

2. Complete or Update the Contact Details form

Basic Information

Basic Information Fields Overview 

  • Classification - Required

The User Type field is how contacts are associated with a directory. Changing this value will also change which directory the contact is associated with. It is recommended to leave this field unchanged. Please navigate to the appropriate directory when creating contacts.

  • First Name - Required
  • Last Name - Required
  • Emails - At Least 1 is Recommended - comma separate for multiple
  • Address - Recommended
  • City - Recommended
  • State/Province - Recommended
  • Zip/Postal Code - Recommended
  • Location - Required for Geo-Targeted Alerting
  • Contacts without a location will not be available for geo-targeted alerting
  • If the contact does not have an email value, they will need at least 1 phone number saved with their profile.

Basic Information Fields Overview

  • Profile Photo Upload - Optional
  • Agency Business - Optional
    • This field can be used to help organize your internal contacts by their department/job function. It can be used on the Manage Contacts page for sorting and filtering.
  • Job Title - Optional
  • Credentials
    • This is a read only field that is populated if an internal contact is invited by one of your administrators to create an account to access our applications.
  • Web Page - Optional
  • Notes - Optional
  • Status - Optional
  • Written/Spoken Language - Optional
    •  These fields will allow the contact to receive auto translated messages in the selected language.

Contact Devices

Contact Devices Fields Overview

  • All of the above fields are optional. However, at least one form of contact data is necessary when creating a contact.
    • Email(s)
    • Mobile Phone and/or Pager Phone
    • Home Phone and/or Business Phone

Alternate Phone and 2nd Mobile Phone are for display only when viewing a contact's profile. Alerts will not be sent to these numbers.


This section of the form allows you to search for and place the contact into a group if you would like to.

Accessing a Contact's Public Subscriber Record

For public contacts who have subscribed to alerts using your organization's public signup page, they will be automatically added to your public directory contacts. You can also view their subscriber record by clicking the last tab of their record to see Weather Preferences.  Location, contact, groups information is also on this page, along with Alert History that has been received.

Upload or Export Contact Information

Warning: If contacts and admins are managed through one of our automated or FTP upload processes, the Member List Upload feature should not be utilized.

  1. You can export Group and Internal Member lists by selecting Member List Download.
  2. You can upload lists that you create using the Member List Upload link. The Member List Upload screen has details and a sample file you can refer to if you wish to maintain lists using this feature. 
    Manage Contacts_Manage
  • When using Member List Upload, files are limited to 1500 rows per file. If your file contains more than 1500 rows, you will need to split it up into multiple files.