How to Activate a Task List

This article will describe the steps required to activate a task list from a template or from scratch on the web interface.

Activating/Assigning a Task List

The Activation section of the Task List module is accessed from the Secondary Toolbar.

  1. Click the Activate tab to access this section.
  2. Task List activation can be executed by selecting a Task List Template or completing the Activate Task List Form

Activate from Template

  1. To activate a Task List template, click the select Task List Template button to open the template section dialog.
  2. From this dialog, select the desired task list by clicking the name of the task list or the activate icon .
    1. Once a template is selected, the user will be navigated to a completed Task List Activation Form with the details from the selected template.
  3. Review this data and add tasks or users if needed.
  4. When the data looks complete and correct, scroll to the bottom of the form and click the Activate button.

Ad-hoc Activation

Single-use or Ad-hoc Task Lists are created by completing the form that follows the template selection card. If no template is selected, this form will remain empty and can be used to create a single-use Task List. The creation of an ad-hoc task list is similar to the creation of a Tasklist template; however, there is no folder field (a task list name and at least one task and one assignee are required to activate).  While ad-hoc task lists can be lifesaving during a crisis, it is recommended to create task list templates if time and safety permit.