How to Create Task List Templates

This article reviews how to create, modify, and delete task list templates in the Konexus web application.

Managing/Creating Task List Templates

  1. Select Task Lists from the drawer menu.
  2. Go to the Manage tab. The management section of the Task Lists module is accessed by selecting the Manage tab in the secondary toolbar. Users with the Manage task lists permission will be able to access this section to create, modify, and delete task list templates.
  3. Click the plus button Create Task Lists_Plus Button to create a new task list template.

Entering Task List Details

  1. Enter a task list title and a folder. When creating a task list template, the subtitle field is optional, but the name and folder fields are required*.  This ensures easy navigation of task list templates in the future.

Please Note: The folder field is only required when creating a task list template.

Incident Association

Task list templates and ad-hoc task lists can be associated with a Named Incident.

  1. To access this feature, select the Incident drop-down list and choose the desired Named Incident.

Task Creation

  1. Before a task list template can be saved, at least one task must be created. Tap the Add Task button to add a task to the template.
  2. Assign individual tasks a title and a description. The Task Title field is required and is limited to 80 characters. The Task Detail field is not required, but it is recommended and can provide more information to the assignees.
  3. If necessary, reorder tasks by clicking and holding the drag handle icon then moving the task to the desired location.
  4. If necessary, delete tasks before saving the template by clicking the Delete button in the bottom corner of the Task Creation card.

Adding Users

Users can be added with any variety of the four available permission options (Assignee, Watcher, Manager, Activator).

Please Note: The template creator will be automatically added to the user list during creation. This user can be removed, or their permissions can be adjusted if needed.

  1. Click the Add User button to open the User Selection dialog. 
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  2. In the User Selection dialog, the template creator has the ability to add as many users as needed by clicking the checkbox next to the desired user's name.
  3. After all desired users have been selected, the creator needs to click the OK button in the bottom-right corner of the dialog box.

Please Note: After all desired users have been selected, their permissions will need to be set. For information regarding user permissions see the Task List Permissions article.

Editing a Template

  1. To edit a template, navigate back to the Task List Templates list view. Find the Task List Templates list view by navigating to Task Lists from the left-hand navigation menu and then selecting the Manage tab in the Task Lists toolbar.
  2. Once on the Task List Templates list view, select the desired template to be taken to the Task List Edit view.
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  3. When all desired fields, tasks, and/or users have been updated, navigate to the bottom of the form and click Submit to save any changes. If changes were made in error, click the Cancel button to reset the template to its original state.

Delete a Template

  1. To delete a task list template, navigate to the Task List Templates list view and click the trash can icon to delete the template. 
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  2. The user will then be prompted to confirm or cancel the deletion of the template.