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What integration options does Konexus offer?

You can integrate with Konexus using webhooks for event-driven communication and the API for request-based interactions.


A webhook is an HTTP-based callback function that provides event-driven communication between Konexus and your system. Webhooks are good choice when you would like your system to be triggered by an Konexus event. For example, when an alert is sent or when a user responds to a poll.

  • Webhooks only share data in one direction; from Konexus to the subscribing system.
  • Your system must be able to accept incoming HTTP requests.
  • You system must be able to using one of the security options to verify that Konexus is the source of the event.

Please refer the the webhook integration guide to get started.

Konexus API

The Konexus API (Application Programming Interface) enables two-way communication between your system and the Konexus systems. The API supports complex integrations that are initiated from your system through requests. The API is a good choice when you would like your system to create, read, update, or delete entities in the Konexus system. For example, the API can be used to activate a task list or download a history of the incident reports recently created.

  • Your system initiates the integration by sending a request to the API.
  • Supports the OpenAPI Specification(OAS)
  • Your system must allow outgoing HTTP requests to the Konexus API.
  • An API key is required to get access to the API.

Please refer to our developers portal for the API specification.